As with any change, comes questions. We have listed some that we thought you may be wondering about. Of course, we may not have thought of all of them. If you have any additional questions, you are encouraged to reach out to us in-branch, by phone, or drop us an email.

Q: Will my account change on July 1st?
A: Members of Macklin Credit Union will continue to operate their accounts as they had before the July 1st merger date. There will be no changes right away. It will take a few months for our banking systems to merge, which we are planning to take place by November.


Q: Will my cheques and cards still work after July 1st?
A: As stated above, members of Macklin Credit Union will not experience a change right away, including use of services like cheques and cards. In fact, it will continue to be business as usual for a few months. There will be communications as we get closer to the banking system merge in November so that you know just what to expect.


Q: Will I still be able to call into the branch, or will the call be directed elsewhere?
A: The phone number to contact the Macklin branch will remain as 306-753-2333 for the time being. Just like the banking system, it will take a little bit of time to transition the telephone system. Additionally, you can also call the Member Contact Centre at 1-866-825-3301.


Today, and going forward, all branches of Synergy use the phone number for the Member Contact Centre. When you call this number, you can ask to be directed to the individual you wish to speak with.
Additionally, if you would like to do a simple transaction or have a question, our team of local, highly trained representatives can help you 7 days a week (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)


Q: Will there be any new services that we don’t have today?
Once our banking systems merge in November, members can look forward to a few extra perks that include:  
•    Mobile deposit (deposit your cheque into your account by taking a picture via the mobile app)
•    Electronic signature (complete documents securely without requiring a visit to the branch)
•    Access to an evolving suite of digital products, including mobile wallet options.
•    Later this year, Synergy is also introducing a new, modern digital (online) banking experience as well as a new website that will be a hub to help you reach your goals. 


Q: After the banking systems merge will my account package and service fees change?
A: Yes, the products that are offered through Macklin Credit Union will be sunset and all accounts will be transitioned into the Synergy product suite. The pricing of the services will align with Synergy pricing.

Over 40% of Synergy’s members have no account package costs and close to 60% have fees less than $5 per month. Synergy offers senior, youth and post-secondary accounts for free. Plus, Synergy recognizes those who deal with them, and it’s reflected in the account pricing – members can get to free on their monthly account costs.

To learn more about Synergy account packages see:


Q: How will Synergy support our community?
A: Synergy has time and again taken a leadership role in the communities we serve. In 2019, we donated more than $250,000 through donations, sponsorships and scholarships. As a matter of fact, a request for funding for the Villa Marie in Macklin came to Macklin Credit Union, as well as to Synergy’s Denzil branch. Working together we equally supported a donation to assist with Villa Marie renovations.


Q: We really count on volunteers in our community. Will Synergy continue to support this?
A: Synergy strongly supports volunteerism and knows that in order to provide so many great services and events, that it isn’t only the financial backing, but rolling up their sleeves and contributing with the sweat-work as well.
In 2019, each Synergy employee volunteered an average of 39 hours of their time (both during and outside of regular work hours); part of this includes the delivery of over 25 financial literacy presentations.


Q: What about the leadership and relationship with the great staff at Macklin?
A: Our employees have a vested interest in your well-being. That won’t change. An additional benefit is a larger network of experts that can pitch in with different knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Synergy’s CEO Glenn Stang is often quoted as saying: “We are only as good as the leadership and the team serving members in the communities we serve.” This statement certainly rings true, as Synergy has been recognized for the third year in a row as a top employer in Saskatchewan.


Q: Who will be making decisions?
A: Synergy promotes empowerment, they hold their employees and management in high regard and trust. This flows through every aspect of our business, including decision making. Decisions are made as close to the frontline as possible in multiple areas including sponsorships, donations and lending. 

You may also like to know that many of Synergy’s board members come from rural communities and Macklin has one current board member joining the Synergy Board of Directors, Linda Gramlich. This means that the strategic planning the board members are doing for the organization comes from the roots of the area we serve.


Q: Will we get a share in the profits of Synergy Credit Union?
A: Yes! Just last year over $2 million was allocated back to Synergy members. Since the program was introduced in 1983, nearly $84 million has been allocated to members’ ProfitShare accounts and more than $35 million cash has been paid out directly to members.

The program will be integrated into the Macklin Credit Union where members will enjoy the benefits of being part of this co-operative organization.

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