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interac e-transfer

Interac e-Transfer is an easy, convenient way to transfer money to other bank accounts. All you need is access to Online Banking with Macklin Credit Union, and you can send money to anyone in Canada using just their email address or mobile phone number. Sending an e-Transfer is free of charge and there are security measures in place to protect your transaction. Using e-Transfer is easy! Simply log on to your Online Banking and select the Transfers screen. Select the Interac e-Transfer screen and set up your sender profile and add your recipient! You must select a security question the only the recipient will know in order to deposit the funds. Always choose a question that is free of personal information and will not be easy to guess. Choose how to notify your recipient and send! The funds are debited from your account immediately and your recipient will receive notification of the transfer via the notification method you chose. As soon as the recipient answers the security question correctly, the funds are deposited into their account. Limits: Per transaction: $3,000.00 Per day: $3,000.00 Per week: $10,000.00 Per month: $20,000.00 Best practices when using e-Transfer Always choose a security question that is free of personal information and will not be easy to guess. If you are using email, make sure that your, and the recipient's email is secure. Always use strong passwords and two-factor authentication where possible. Use opposite methods to convey the answer to the security question if the recipient does not know it. If you are sending the transfer via email, call or text the answer to the recipient and vice versa. Never click on any notification links for e-Transfers that you are not expecting If you are in doubt about the authenticity or security of a notification, call Macklin Credit Union immediately.